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Herzog has been proving their competence in braiding and winding technology since 1861

The company management has always been in the hands of the family, this personal commitment guarantees the high demand and the ever excellent quality. Nowadays the family company is one of the most important partners in braiding and winding technology due to worldwide references and the strength of innovation.

With more than 400 types of machines HERZOG not only offer an incredible wide range of machines, but also an optimum price-cost relation, because HERZOG braiding technology means outstanding economy and high efficiency.

HERZOG goes one step further, with service that is second to none, full consideration is given to all requests completing the perfect concept.

<>  All technical problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

<> The supply of spare parts, even for very old machines, is absolutely reliable and trouble-free.

<> Good contacts and agencies throughout the world create service on the spot.

<> without delay and trouble free.

For more information on Herzog equipment and services visit their website http://www.herzog-online.com


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